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Moo's College Essay

Posted by MooMoo on October 28, 2009 at 6:14 PM Comments comments (2)

So, here's my college essay that is going to two colleges, it is theexact same topic for both. I would love if you guys read it and gave meyour opinion so I could make it better. It's on gay rights, so don'tsay anything bad about it that won't make it better please! Welp, hereit is!



Topic: Discuss some issue of personal, local, national, or international concern and its importance to you.






Whetherontelevision or in real life, gay rights are a controversial topic thateveryonehas heard of.  Some people think beinggay is wrong but do notreally care, some may protest them by picketing orridiculing them, andsome may even go to extreme measures to hurt themphysically andmentally. Others would say that they are like everyone else, andshouldbe left alone. Those supporting gays might also participate in the“Dayof Silence.” It is a national event that takes place every year onApril 16thto bring awareness to the bullying of lesbians, gays,bisexuals, and transgenderpeople. People who take part in this day donot say a word because they areexpressing the silent pain that othersmay be experiencing.

                Although I am heterosexual,Ifully support the homosexual community.  It is not fair that they aredeprived ofrights taken for granted by other people.  Americans came tothis country for freedom ofreligion.  Back then, the majority ofthepopulation was of Christian faith, and still is today. SomeChristians maysupport homosexuality, but many do not. Isn’t this a formof church and statebeing intertwined, which is against the constitutionbecause of separation ofchurch and state? How does a person’s sexualorientation make them anydifferent? It does not, they are just like youand I. This issue is of greatimportance to me because it is somethingthat I strongly believe in.


Funny People

Posted by Advent Chaos on August 8, 2009 at 7:30 AM Comments comments (0)

So I was bored and decided to have a little fun, went out with 3 girls and saw the movie "funny people", the one with Adam Sandler and Seth Rogen.

As with most of adam Sandler's films you can always expect sad drama and sometimes tear-inducing scenes (Im looking at you, "Click") while keeping the element of comedy strong and consistent throughout the whole movie.

In this movie however, Adam hires Seth Rogen, a man who wants to be a great comedian but he seems oddly concentrated on kiddie jokes such as sex and farts.Although that, he does have a head to write good jokes, he just cant execute them that well.

We learn that Adam has a disease which is very similar to leukimia so he hires Seth to be his new assistant and write jokes for him, Mr.Rogen plays a very important role in this movie, as he tries to make Adam open up and manage him into a better life.They become friends, even though Adam won't admit it, and they go touring around doing stand up, after a while Seth tells adam it'd be better to tell a few more people other than just Seth, eventually Adam's could-have-been-wife friend learns of this, she tells Adam that she has a rather crappy marriage and from here on it becomes a difficult emotional train set on a rail to crash.

It basically deals with morality and making a wise choice, overall the movie was good, acting was good, sountrack was good, comedy, a little stale but funny enough to keep you smilling, defenetily not Laugh my ass off kinda funny.Overall it's a good move, a bit average but it's Adam Sandler, his attitude and charm seem to work into making a movie more entertaining.I did, however, have a bit of a problem with the ending, it felt very open-ended to me, I was hoping that after some events they would show character development and explanations as to how the lives of the characters went. The characters, however, do develop story on our main characters and on themselves, wheter they're friends of Rogen or family of Adam, it's still good development, enough to understand a character and his motives.

I would give Funny People a 4/5

Advent Chaos VS Kasey [pyew pyew pyew RAG TIME SHOW!]

Posted by Advent Chaos on May 2, 2009 at 1:33 AM Comments comments (2)

Time: 10:36
Location: TV room
Watching: Meet the ----- [Team Fortress 2]
Wearing: Mephisto's Pimp Suit
Feeling: Mothafucking sexy

So! I played SURVIVAL tonight with [Thunder Unit]
Along our many losses, we came across [THE A$$OCIATION] and lo and behold who was there?
Team Sneaking was the game, muder in our eyes and the humid cool Ravaged Riverfront is our Showdown battlefield.
ROUND 1: Thunder Unit defending MODE
                     THE A$$OCIATION Attacking MODE

Thunder unit had a plan, and we were a little lost at the beggining, getting shot with darts from unkown locations, after a little while we caught on, so I made my move towards the lower part of the river. I was about to equip my P90 wehn I saw a knife and said "Oh shit." BAM Get thrown down by Kasey of all players XD I thought I had the P90 equipped but still had my GSR, shot like there was no tomorrow, disabled their stealth and just as Kasey knifed me (WOW, WHO SAW THAT COMING? DID YOU SEE THAT COMING? NOBODY SAW THAT COMING!)
Thunder Unit had my back and killed Kasey, they noticed other players on the lower section so the battle went on. And I think we lost? Yes we lost both rounds I think. No, Thunder Unit was able to place KEROTAN and goal it in the second round, even so we lost by points.

Congratulations Kasey, but the next time we meet, I'll make sure to win and bring you down.Maybe Scan you while Im there. Well Thunder Unit's night went okay, we lost most bout overall I didn't panic as much, a bit more relaxed which is great. Sadly though, at the last game of survival, Thunder Unit had a fair match, none of thos lvl14-17 monsters :c
We won first round in Team deathmatch, with 4 tickets left.
on the second round, I got revenge against some lagging CQC EX douche D:<, Mk2 headshot and I let him suffer, I wasn't about to kill him right away, he would just respawn and be a pain again, I knew Thunder Unit could handle it so I waited for his Stamina to regain, right before waking up, I killed him, cheap? Most likely. CQC EX? Cheap too.Sorta.


Overall, I actually had fun for a Survival night c:
I'll try to participate in Tourney tomorrow too!
For now, I'll go play a bit of MadWorld, I still got Murder in my eyes, and chainsaw oughta do the job c:

Goodnight everyone! *salute*

No Noise report this time, too lazy.


Posted by Advent Chaos on April 27, 2009 at 3:44 AM Comments comments (5)


Okay no not really! There are still some of you lingering around here c: And I thank you for it!
Everybody seems to have gotten busy all of a sudden, myself included.

What can I say? Im graduating from High School in about 2-3 weeks, I need to work on my math grade D:

Skool has been getting really tense lately, in all sorts of sense.Tension with teachers, homework, classmates and...friends. Still! Im doing my best to hold my own front!
I assure you! I won't be giving up on the brigade and other issues any time soon! I'm a hard to kill assinine moron :3 Well if you want technicality, Im really kill in MGO XD

I have been sucking WAY too much in MGO these past 2 weeks, maybe it's because I've been facing cheaters/quitter/laggers 90% of the time''s becoming unplayable, there needs to be  a solution, and quick.
I havent done much progress on it, almost getting 10k reward points, I still can't get that SNAKE emblem D:
Few good things happened this weekend though! I finally participated in a Tournament! I got raped :'D BIG TIME. I was really nervous I guess. Also!
And the best part? I stole more than 5 Dog tags! Made a super easy job for the guy playing as Snake c:
At the beggining, it sucked though, I was cornered and constantly getting killed :c
I came through it all, making Snake win c:

I also Fixed a PSP : DDD! Made a successful screen transplant, my neighbor was kind enough to give me a charger and 2 games, DBZ and Powerstone Collection, but instead I went and bought Crisis Core. It's also raping me XD. but only because Im playing it in HARD MODE ! You know me, I like it HARD ;D

we should hold another get together or training session like when Jessica and Monkey faced off! but this time we'll make it more kick-ass.
I've been working on a little somethin' somethin' but it ends up in massive fail.
So I'm asking for everyone's help, I'd like to request a group pic!

hmm....I knew there other things I wanted to talk about, but I can't remember (as usual -w-; )
So I guess I'll call it a blog!
Good night everyone!  *salutes*

Noise: 287
Noise: 26
Noise: 4

The Cheapness of cheapy Suzumiya

Posted by Advent Chaos on April 11, 2009 at 12:41 AM Comments comments (2)

'Aight so here's how it happened.
I have this one friend, right? right. And she's supposed to be this big-time anime fan....okay not that great but easily with more "experience" than most people around my skool, so what ever.
recently I've noticed she hasn't geeked out about anime or stuff like that, maybe because I rarely talk to her.Recently she's been into "Twilight" (ugh....) and she blames me, saying that it's all my fault she's gone so crazy over it. For god sake's I just bought her the damn book! I never even thought it would become a series with such a huge fan-base! dammit -_-
Anywho, I thought I should slap some anime back in her life so I asked if she'd like to go crazy over an anime series, and of course, it was "The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya"
I lent her Volume 1, first reaction to the cover [S reffering to my friend, A reffering to me]
S= "Oh my god this looks sho cute !"
A= "r-right...just bear with it for the first couple of episodes, it might seems weird at first but trust me, it'll be friggin' worth it."
S= " 'k O:"
 So about a week passed and I talked to her in the morning while I waited for another friend to arrive.
A= "So... have you watched it yet?"
S= "No I havent. I've been busy and well to be looks kinda cheap"
A= *internally angry* "Oh? What makes you say that c: ?"
S= "Well I mean look at it, the art and animation seem kinda plain."
A= "..."
S= "I mean when you compare it to something like Inuyasha you can see the differences. When you watch Inuyasha you got all this animation and effects and action going on."
A= "Ah I see. Well if you reall don't like it, you don't have to watch it all c: "
S= "I'll try to watch it tonight "
A= "allrighty. Oh! Looks like Luigy (my friend) is here. See ya later.

Wow...Luigy wasn't there, I left because I mean...haha I don't even....what? Im not saying I know everything there is to know about anime but I mean...fuck I didn't wanna get into a discussion! What would have you done ?

My friend has had the dvd for about 2 weeks now. Let's hope she's seen it by now.

Day 6 [Clan]

Posted by Advent Chaos on April 2, 2009 at 10:49 PM Comments comments (2)

Time: 12:09 A.M.
Location: My bed :3
Watching: The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya "Remote Island Syndrome Part 1"
Doing: Drawing and playing Pokemon Platinum

Yeah sorry I havent updated with no new Blog entries, I've been having a bit of sleeping disorder, only sleeping for 2-3 hours has been taking a serious toll on skool work and normal life, I keep passing out after I get home from skool, I water the plants, eat, watch some TV and when Im online I get super drowsy then can't remember anything until I wake up WAY later. I think Scott's slipping me some roofies :c

Last week was just...odd. Off putting. Same with this week. Add some Melancholy and Longing feelings and you got yourself a rather bad week.*cuts himself* IM SO EMO ~I TRIED SO HARD~!

hahaha XD Yeah I might be Melancholic and all those emo feelings, but Im still your loveable Advent Chaos c:

Last Saturday I went out with two friends of mine, Originally I was just gonna go take a stroll through the park, but when I told my friend, she said she wanted to come, and along came another friend of ours. We ended up going out to watch "Tha Haunting in Connecticut" It was pretty good c: I WANNA PUKE NUCLEAR ECTOPLASM TOO XD!

we ended up driving around all night, just hanging out, 2 girls and one guy ? A really nice saturday if you ask me.And no, nothing special happened. This one thing happened though, while I was driving I noticed that Kitty (her nickname) wasn't wearing a seatbelt, so what did I do? I went up to 75mph and made a sudden break, yeah I probably f*cked up the car but gawdamn her reaction was hilarious XD she was all like "MREEOOOWWWW! Why did you do that ;-;!?" ah good times, good times -w-.

I dropped both of them at their respective houses, somewhere around 2 AM
With a goodnight to kitty I left home with a smile. And an empty feeling.

Aaaaaaand I totally forgot what else I was going to talk about -_-; Hey Scott, come have fun with me at midnight :c you're never there anymore DX
I also wish The Haruhi was online more often...
hmmm...... oh yeah did I mention I had to reinstall all of the MGO updates? I kept getting error screens with corrupt data, so I got tired of that crap and deleted the system data, reinstalling MGS4 and dowloading MGO updates ALL OVER AGAIN. I feel to Emo to have some serious talks right now :3 Im off to read webcomics. Also, I'll upload more vids later, if you've got a request then drop a line in the comments, my profile, anywhere you can contact me. Drop a video request and I'll try to get it done ASAP. MooMoo I still owe you a challenge from the Milk one.

I told my Instructor [] if he'd like to have a small Clan Battle, y'know, between his Clan, "Thunder Unit", against us, the SOS Brigade. He hasn't responded but if he's up for it who'd like to join me c: ?come on guys it'll be fun!
It'll be mainly Team events, Team Death Match, Team Sneaking, Base, Capture, MAYBE some RESCUE, and to give a 'lil variety some SNEAKING too.Oh, BOMB too.

That's it for tonight, take care everyone!


Week 3, 6 Days Left.

Posted by Advent Chaos on March 23, 2009 at 3:35 AM Comments comments (0)

Time: 12:52 A.M.
Location: My bed, under the blankie
Watching: The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya "Someday in the Rain"
Doing: Chatting with Scott and Monkeysamurai

MGO stories of the Day: None, I didn't even log on. FUCK I FORGOT MY REWARD POINTS DX

Besides, I gotta find a way to fix that corrupt data.

: D
So after that I went home, pretty Melancholic, a topic I'll talk later on on another blog post. Anywho I came back, and found my parents watching "The Brave one", and I don't know about anyone else, or the fact that she's supposed to be a lesbian or somethin' but I think Jodie Foster (sp?) looked KICK ASS in that movie.

So last post was all...screwy and weird, due to my lazyness and sleepyness, sorry XD
Spring break is over now :c I should be dead sleeping instead of writing blogs and chatting with these "HARD GAY" guys XD they'll get what I meant, everyone else won't....actually everyone else might XD
I look back at my week break and realize...I didn't get shit done! So many projects I was supposed to work unfinished! I didn't even start DX
ugh...well anywho, I bought Pokemans PLATINUM. Im confused but it's pretty neat and spiffy. I cant wait to transport my Gardevoir from Pokemans Ruby to Platinum.

Noise Report: 236 Chump (Red) Noise
                           0 Blue Noise
                           1 Negative (yellow) Noise
Kasey, if you're reading this, AND YOU SHOULD BE, go make your own Blog posts already XD! Everyone should! a little everyday insight of the Brigades IRL is always a good read c: ('cept mine XD)
Coming soon, well I'll try. My own Game reviews! Look forward to it~!
I think that's all for tonight, I gotta wake up in 5 hours -.-; so I should sleep now.
Now?Right now?
yes, now.Right now.

Over and out! *salutes*


Quantum of Ruri

Posted by Advent Chaos on March 21, 2009 at 3:52 AM Comments comments (0)

Time: 1:06 A.M.
Location: T.V. room Sofa.
Listening to: Quantom of Solace Soundtrack
Drinking: Dr.Pepper (I swear to drunk, Im not god)

It's been some crazy days lately @[email protected]
And now that it's saturday, Im barely feeling my break slipping away slowly, like a man who was shot and feels his life slipping away -.- And as I look back, I didn't accomplish the stuff that I really wanted :c

I need some artistic steroids, STAT! BTW what do they mean by "stat"? i know it's used when something needs to be done quickly but still...why stat o.o?
MGO stories of today!
First I went in Automatching, Team Sneaking, I got host rights, so I didn't quit 'til there weren't enough players. I was winning then losing, win, lose,win,lose etc. but then some foxhounds pussied out and left. Eventually I started getting 3 vs.2 me in the bad odds. and 5 out of those 2 vs 3 matches, my partner was AFC. but oh man one match was sweet, it was Siloh Sunset, I went up to the stairs near my base and there's a drum can item ready for pick up, I was about to crawl to it, but the enemy was coming right to it. I just laid prone and wait for the guy to go a bit farther, he stood perfectly still and pyew! Mk2 Headshot! I had Scanner EX so I was able to see everyone else. My partner came back but was easily killed, even though I had scanned and we were linked....come on how can you not appreciate that DX !? So in the end I was able to take one out , and right when I was about to goal it, I got killed :c
I went to SURVIVAL with my Instructor [] He's a good man c:
I only played for a few rounds though, We only won 2 out of 5-6 matches I was in. I was able to goal in a GA-KO, Im rather surprised at that, it was 5 against 2 and my other partner didn't help much.I made it with more than half my health ._.
After that I was...I dunno, annoyed or more like bored, so I quit. Im glad I did.
I found my pretty 'lil lady was online, so I just hanged out with Ruri c:
She's evil I tell ya XD So we talked and sutff, I told her how I socred a Giratina Figure from a gamestop clerk, even If I didn't reserve pokemon platinum c: What a nice guy!
In the end, I sorta screwed up, I got mad by I really shouldn't had, took a quick shower and she was offline when I cam back :c
I'll be brawling with her later today. I havent played Brawl in Months but my ass kickery is still in my heart.

topping the end of this blog post, is more trouble with the friends. No names here, due to privacy. Still, this calls for emergency action. Time for "The Game".

Closing Thoughts: We'll see how this plays out, Im pretty sure of the outcome though c: Watching king of the hill while my cat is sleeping on my neck? good way to spend the night. You know what'd be better though? Taking some chairs out in the patio, have some drinks (dr.pepper for me kthnkzbai) gaze at the very glowy pretty moon c: Get couple of friends (if you guys were here it'd be so much fun cx )and it'd be a WAY better night.'s now 3:32, chatting with Scott and Nagamon is always fun c: Learning more and more about how the Brigade was in the past, so much I need to learn and so much I should know. My only regett, I should've signed up for the site sooner.
Well that's all I guess. *salutes*


Day 2 [Don't Kill Me]

Posted by Advent Chaos on March 18, 2009 at 4:04 AM Comments comments (5)

If anyone got my refference title I will do a 'lil somethin' special just for that person!

Time 1:16 A.M.
Location: My bed
Listening to: MadWorld Game Rip Soundtrack
Drawing: nothin' but doodles.
Playing: Might turn on my DS to play Pokemon Ruby

with his P90 I think.
So we got a little revenge, me specially XD, and he quit after we ganged up on him -w-...

? hahaha I bet he gets a kick out of my hilarious deaths. John joined us for the last remaining minutes and we kept our attempts but no luck.

:3 even so I still didn't win, I got up to two dogtags 4 times, right when I was going for the third I would get killed D:
on the next round I was the only one in blue team, while there were 2 other reds PLUS Snake. Hot Damn I kicked ass! I tranqed Snake before he attempted to CQC me, the guy was PI-HISSED XD! I eventually had my run ins with red team, both suffering my awesome wrath of the Mk.2 Pistol, and since I had forgotten to change my skills I had Sniper 3 and instructor -.-; Even so, it felt good being back with my first mastered weapon, I got 2 headshots with it c: I was about to win, by killing snakes but red team was camp spawning me and snake spawned close by so they got to win :c Even so I got 1st Place XD

It's 1:33 A.M. Im quite bored! I should practice drawing but Im not inspired enough. My Zune is broken DX The touch pad won't work, only the play and back button work ;-; I really need to fix it before the end of my break...without my Music I'll go insane again [You guys don't wanna see how bad it was when my first Zune Died on me] gotta look into that A.S.A.P.

I've been gazing at the night sky lately, and these past few days, the moon has been looking really beautiful, so shiny and big, but not today, I haven't seen it :c.
Still, the nights here are a little chilly windy, but if it's not windy, it's one of those nights which makes you wanna take a chair out, some drinks (Dr.Pepper PLZ) and chill out cracking jokes and stories with a pretty 'lil lady sitting next to you, laughing and giggling while enjoying the shine of the few clouds the moon's shine gives off. As it gets colder, you burn some wood and huddle up a 'lil bit to warm up...shut up, Im one of them hopeless romantics XD

: D



Don't you just love Chainsaws XD?
Well I guess that's it.


Making a SCENE

Posted by Advent Chaos on March 17, 2009 at 5:15 AM Comments comments (5)

So it's gonna be 2:3o A.M. soon. Im sitting on the couch with my lappy watching a movie called "The Whole Nine Yards", about some guys making a hit on some guys and some girls being indecent to fool other guys so they can die, pretty cool late hour stuff  (with music that remonds me of Team Fortress 2) when you're bored, y'know if you really dont wanna watch stuff like "King of the Hill" or "Tom goes to the mayor", although I sm tempted to watch "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air", Will Smith is Awesome :3

I have PIP on the TV and Im using Peer-to-Peer download for MGO Ver. 1.30 I tried hhtp download but both seem to take the same time... FOREVER! It's been about half an hour and I barely  have about20% done. Cross that, I just checked, and I have 16% Great.

Before running MGO I was constantly checking the MGO official website for server updates, I just refreshed the page and it gives a list with details on the update. "Hierarchy for Radar Displayed"? what does that mean? "Player Motion Adjusted"? Does this mean there won't be anymore "Fake Lag"? there probably will, in the new maps at least. Silo Sunset and Fores Firefight had some of the worst. "Using Mail for SURVIVAL lobby enabled" Good I guess, but how about adding mail in normal matches, at least while in SALLY Mode. "AWARDS" added; great! more way for those FOXHOUND jackasses to boast their HUUUGE online dicks.

Damn, it's 2:45 and I have 23% down. I think I just might cancel and try http. if it goes at the same pace then I'll just go to sleep and get it done later in the afternoon.

Well I'm on Spring Break right now, and I got my Grades this past Saturday, it feels pretty damn good to NOT have a D or an F. I got 3 As and 2 Cs. This break will let me work on some other projects that I'm usually too lazy to work on while in Skool. Mainly leveling up my DRAWING+ skill. I'll never get that DRAWING EX skill ;-;
*cough cough hack hack wheeze gough cough* Argh.... Im starting to get a little TOO old. Haruhi says I look like a Crack addict , add more wrinkles and angrier face and I'll look like a REAL crak whore addict. MooMoo wanted me to upload some videos I took of me and some friends firing blanks late at night from saturday as challenge from the one I did (check Milk challenge in the videos section) but I can only find one the files and it doesn't really have me firing blanks, but it has me playing with the revolver and killing a Riolu :o
It also shows I am an absolute immature idiot XD I just might upload that one.

Well it's already 3 A.M. and http download is going much faster, but not fast enough. 11% down from 10-15 mins ago.I think I'll call it a night and as soon as I wake up, I'll hook my PS3 with the Ethernet connection and get the update, can't wait to use my cardboard box man helmet c: ! After having fun with Raiden and Vamp in Training rooms I'll probably be hosting Level up rooms so if anyone's interested in joining me I'll probably be in C.WOLF with the password: Ruri

17% down and it's 3:07 AM Yeah I'll call it a night. If you enjoyed reading my very boring life then expect more of these blog posts XD


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