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Advent Chaos VS Kasey [pyew pyew pyew RAG TIME SHOW!]

Posted by Advent Chaos on May 2, 2009 at 1:33 AM Comments comments (2)

Time: 10:36
Location: TV room
Watching: Meet the ----- [Team Fortress 2]
Wearing: Mephisto's Pimp Suit
Feeling: Mothafucking sexy

So! I played SURVIVAL tonight with [Thunder Unit]
Along our many losses, we came across [THE A$$OCIATION] and lo and behold who was there?
Team Sneaking was the game, muder in our eyes and the humid cool Ravaged Riverfront is our Showdown battlefield.
ROUND 1: Thunder Unit defending MODE
                     THE A$$OCIATION Attacking MODE

Thunder unit had a plan, and we were a little lost at the beggining, getting shot with darts from unkown locations, after a little while we caught on, so I made my move towards the lower part of the river. I was about to equip my P90 wehn I saw a knife and said "Oh shit." BAM Get thrown down by Kasey of all players XD I thought I had the P90 equipped but still had my GSR, shot like there was no tomorrow, disabled their stealth and just as Kasey knifed me (WOW, WHO SAW THAT COMING? DID YOU SEE THAT COMING? NOBODY SAW THAT COMING!)
Thunder Unit had my back and killed Kasey, they noticed other players on the lower section so the battle went on. And I think we lost? Yes we lost both rounds I think. No, Thunder Unit was able to place KEROTAN and goal it in the second round, even so we lost by points.

Congratulations Kasey, but the next time we meet, I'll make sure to win and bring you down.Maybe Scan you while Im there. Well Thunder Unit's night went okay, we lost most bout overall I didn't panic as much, a bit more relaxed which is great. Sadly though, at the last game of survival, Thunder Unit had a fair match, none of thos lvl14-17 monsters :c
We won first round in Team deathmatch, with 4 tickets left.
on the second round, I got revenge against some lagging CQC EX douche D:<, Mk2 headshot and I let him suffer, I wasn't about to kill him right away, he would just respawn and be a pain again, I knew Thunder Unit could handle it so I waited for his Stamina to regain, right before waking up, I killed him, cheap? Most likely. CQC EX? Cheap too.Sorta.


Overall, I actually had fun for a Survival night c:
I'll try to participate in Tourney tomorrow too!
For now, I'll go play a bit of MadWorld, I still got Murder in my eyes, and chainsaw oughta do the job c:

Goodnight everyone! *salute*

No Noise report this time, too lazy.

Kasey's First Blog~

Posted by Kasey on March 30, 2009 at 8:26 PM Comments comments (7)

Haha, very funny to whoever decided to make this category... >_> :P

I only made this blog as a filler, because my section looked so empty. I guess I should talk about something though... xD

So it seems I'm awesome at CoD:[email protected], or so Scott tells me. I'm a really... hyper player, or at least that's how I like to describe it. If I'm playing campaign with someone, depending on the difficulty (if we're playing Hardened or Veteran, I'm likely to leave, I can't do well on those two difficulties at alll.), I run through the level like it's nothing, only stopping occasionally when I have to wait for my teammates.

And Nazi Zombies mode...

I don't move much, (well, at all) on the first few waves... I sit at my little window, shooting whatever zombies come my way. But then, once someone opens the "Help" room, I spin for a random weapon as much as I can till I get something epic, such as the Trench gun or the Flamethrower... After that, I pretty much defend the "Help" room by myself until everyone else outside dies, in which case I run out and perform awesomely, saving everyone. Most of the time. Sometimes, I make a stupid mistake.. Like running into a crowd of zombies, when I could easily burn them all with a flamethrower. xD

And the new Zombies map? I love it! It's much more challenging, to me at least, and there are way more possibilities to be explored... Not to mention the perks and electric barriers help out severely in a pinch. I just don't like the fact that you have to buy all your perks over again in you get knocked down by zombies, which is why I suggest buying Juggernaut first.

I'm going to wrap this up. Maybe, if you guys are good little boys and girls, I'll make an MGO blog next time. :O

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