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Moo's College Essay

Posted by MooMoo on October 28, 2009 at 6:14 PM Comments comments (2)

So, here's my college essay that is going to two colleges, it is theexact same topic for both. I would love if you guys read it and gave meyour opinion so I could make it better. It's on gay rights, so don'tsay anything bad about it that won't make it better please! Welp, hereit is!



Topic: Discuss some issue of personal, local, national, or international concern and its importance to you.






Whetherontelevision or in real life, gay rights are a controversial topic thateveryonehas heard of.  Some people think beinggay is wrong but do notreally care, some may protest them by picketing orridiculing them, andsome may even go to extreme measures to hurt themphysically andmentally. Others would say that they are like everyone else, andshouldbe left alone. Those supporting gays might also participate in the“Dayof Silence.” It is a national event that takes place every year onApril 16thto bring awareness to the bullying of lesbians, gays,bisexuals, and transgenderpeople. People who take part in this day donot say a word because they areexpressing the silent pain that othersmay be experiencing.

                Although I am heterosexual,Ifully support the homosexual community.  It is not fair that they aredeprived ofrights taken for granted by other people.  Americans came tothis country for freedom ofreligion.  Back then, the majority ofthepopulation was of Christian faith, and still is today. SomeChristians maysupport homosexuality, but many do not. Isn’t this a formof church and statebeing intertwined, which is against the constitutionbecause of separation ofchurch and state? How does a person’s sexualorientation make them anydifferent? It does not, they are just like youand I. This issue is of greatimportance to me because it is somethingthat I strongly believe in.


Advent Chaos VS Kasey [pyew pyew pyew RAG TIME SHOW!]

Posted by Advent Chaos on May 2, 2009 at 1:33 AM Comments comments (2)

Time: 10:36
Location: TV room
Watching: Meet the ----- [Team Fortress 2]
Wearing: Mephisto's Pimp Suit
Feeling: Mothafucking sexy

So! I played SURVIVAL tonight with [Thunder Unit]
Along our many losses, we came across [THE A$$OCIATION] and lo and behold who was there?
Team Sneaking was the game, muder in our eyes and the humid cool Ravaged Riverfront is our Showdown battlefield.
ROUND 1: Thunder Unit defending MODE
                     THE A$$OCIATION Attacking MODE

Thunder unit had a plan, and we were a little lost at the beggining, getting shot with darts from unkown locations, after a little while we caught on, so I made my move towards the lower part of the river. I was about to equip my P90 wehn I saw a knife and said "Oh shit." BAM Get thrown down by Kasey of all players XD I thought I had the P90 equipped but still had my GSR, shot like there was no tomorrow, disabled their stealth and just as Kasey knifed me (WOW, WHO SAW THAT COMING? DID YOU SEE THAT COMING? NOBODY SAW THAT COMING!)
Thunder Unit had my back and killed Kasey, they noticed other players on the lower section so the battle went on. And I think we lost? Yes we lost both rounds I think. No, Thunder Unit was able to place KEROTAN and goal it in the second round, even so we lost by points.

Congratulations Kasey, but the next time we meet, I'll make sure to win and bring you down.Maybe Scan you while Im there. Well Thunder Unit's night went okay, we lost most bout overall I didn't panic as much, a bit more relaxed which is great. Sadly though, at the last game of survival, Thunder Unit had a fair match, none of thos lvl14-17 monsters :c
We won first round in Team deathmatch, with 4 tickets left.
on the second round, I got revenge against some lagging CQC EX douche D:<, Mk2 headshot and I let him suffer, I wasn't about to kill him right away, he would just respawn and be a pain again, I knew Thunder Unit could handle it so I waited for his Stamina to regain, right before waking up, I killed him, cheap? Most likely. CQC EX? Cheap too.Sorta.


Overall, I actually had fun for a Survival night c:
I'll try to participate in Tourney tomorrow too!
For now, I'll go play a bit of MadWorld, I still got Murder in my eyes, and chainsaw oughta do the job c:

Goodnight everyone! *salute*

No Noise report this time, too lazy.


Posted by Advent Chaos on April 27, 2009 at 3:44 AM Comments comments (5)


Okay no not really! There are still some of you lingering around here c: And I thank you for it!
Everybody seems to have gotten busy all of a sudden, myself included.

What can I say? Im graduating from High School in about 2-3 weeks, I need to work on my math grade D:

Skool has been getting really tense lately, in all sorts of sense.Tension with teachers, homework, classmates and...friends. Still! Im doing my best to hold my own front!
I assure you! I won't be giving up on the brigade and other issues any time soon! I'm a hard to kill assinine moron :3 Well if you want technicality, Im really kill in MGO XD

I have been sucking WAY too much in MGO these past 2 weeks, maybe it's because I've been facing cheaters/quitter/laggers 90% of the time''s becoming unplayable, there needs to be  a solution, and quick.
I havent done much progress on it, almost getting 10k reward points, I still can't get that SNAKE emblem D:
Few good things happened this weekend though! I finally participated in a Tournament! I got raped :'D BIG TIME. I was really nervous I guess. Also!
And the best part? I stole more than 5 Dog tags! Made a super easy job for the guy playing as Snake c:
At the beggining, it sucked though, I was cornered and constantly getting killed :c
I came through it all, making Snake win c:

I also Fixed a PSP : DDD! Made a successful screen transplant, my neighbor was kind enough to give me a charger and 2 games, DBZ and Powerstone Collection, but instead I went and bought Crisis Core. It's also raping me XD. but only because Im playing it in HARD MODE ! You know me, I like it HARD ;D

we should hold another get together or training session like when Jessica and Monkey faced off! but this time we'll make it more kick-ass.
I've been working on a little somethin' somethin' but it ends up in massive fail.
So I'm asking for everyone's help, I'd like to request a group pic!

hmm....I knew there other things I wanted to talk about, but I can't remember (as usual -w-; )
So I guess I'll call it a blog!
Good night everyone!  *salutes*

Noise: 287
Noise: 26
Noise: 4

Call of Duty: World at War

Posted by sosbrigademgo on March 30, 2009 at 1:00 AM Comments comments (3)

So how do I start a blog? Should I take an example from Jorge, and start as so:

Time: 4:24 A.M.
Location: At my desk, in my room.
Doing: Chatting with Jorge, smoking a cigarette

Or just get right to it?

Well, I'll get right down to it. As you can see from the title, this blog is about my night with CoD: [email protected] (because unlike most, I use "[email protected]" instead of "WAW"). So today was fun, yeah? Yeah, it was. First started at around 10 o'clock when I played with with my brother and Kasey. It was fun, but Kasey was so hostile toward me. Dx Every time I get within slashing rage, I get a knife either in my back or across my throat.

With just the three of us, we get to the 11th or 12th wave on average. I don't know if that's good or bad, it's fine; especially considering I mess around for the most part. After Kasey left at 11, I paused a while from the game. Don't read this part if you're only in this blog for the gaming parts. During my brief absence, I went out for a drive to Haruhi's house. I continued teaching her to play the guitar. It wasn't until close to 12:30 when I went home. (By the way, for those of you wondering, Haruhi's doing fine.)

I find my step-brother still online, so that was good. For the first time since I got the game, I played online with random people. (Two of which requested to be added to my friends list, more on that later.) Tonight I completely owned in the game - which is good, it left a good impression on my teammates.

I'm a head shot player, you know? So on average tonight, I killed at least 170 Zombies, and about 120 of those are head shots. It's a good ratio, I think. I do have a new favorite gun, though. The M1 Garand is pretty much useless in this mode, so unfortunately I couldn't favor that gun.

All people like the Ray Gun and for good reason: It has a good clip capacity; it kills zombies with one shot (no matter where you hit), and you get plenty of ammo with it. I like it, too, but it's not my favorite. So why did I even bring it up? o_O

Anyway, my favorite combination of weapons is the .357 Magnum (revolver) and the Trench Gun wha'ev (Shotgun). For any reasonable person, that combination would suck in a hectic mode like Nazi Zombies; you have six shots with the revolver, and eight with the shotty. And they have relatively slow reload times. They do have one redeeming factor: stopping power. The revolver can kill a zombie in a single shot on the head; and the shotty for head or body.

But I impressed my teammates tonight with that combination. It was the 16th wave of Zombies, and things were getting wild. None of us had the Ray Gun (we were just unlucky). So the four of us were huddled in the "Help" room. I told my teammates to watch both windows and the wall, while I stood at the door way like some Rambo-esque idiot.

Enter the rush of zombies. So I was looking into the main room, revolver in hand and aiming straight ahead. Zombies rush in toward me, and where logical players would back up, I stood in place. I realized there's about a .5 to 1.0 second delay before Zombies start to attack you when they're right up on you.  It was enough time for me to shoot each of them on the head with the Revolver.

Because they had to funnel into the doorway to get to me, they were pretty well-aligned. One shot of the pistol took out two or three zombies at a time. (Check my trophies: Look for the "Rough Economy" trophy I have, if you want some proof of that... if you really need it. :/) Anyway, so... I was killing zombies on my own, while my teammates prevented me from getting flanked. When I needed to reload the revolver, I switch to the shotgun and killed more.

When I killed the ones nearest to me, I threw all my grenades in front of me without cooking them. So the zombies get blown up as they rush at me. Some of them die, most of them just lose their legs. Now, right after I throw all my grenades, I immediately reload my shotty, and switch to the revolver and reload that too. This is the only time I would actually back away.

I repeat the earlier process until I run out of bullets again. Or at least I would have if I didn't die. Actually the damnest thing happened: I died.

I was slashing the ankle biters (the zombies crawling at you after having lost their legs because of the grenades). When suddenly I get an alert that one of my teammates had died. Before I knew it, another one died, and another. And then... voila! I was surrounded.

That was the most epic game I played so far. The game ended with around 200 kills for me, 160-something of those were head shots. And it greatly impressed the other players. One of them was level 56 and the other was 68. I out-performed them. I was impressed, too! :D

The rest of the night, amazingly enough, I continued to out-perform most of the other players (ranging from levels 30 to 68 - the one earlier). I'm level 5. :o Still, though, we're too unlucky with the Ray Guns. Though we did manage to get three players (I was one of them) with Ray Guns. And I experimented with something. I had two players watch the doorway of the "Help" room, looking into the starting room. They already did this on their own, actually. I ran out into the starting room and opened up the stairs to the upper level.

I ran back to the "Help" room, and the two took turns shooting the rushing zombies. Switching each time one reloaded. I was back-up, in case they needed it. (They rarely did). And I was running around the room as well with the fourth player taking out zombie that try to come in through the windows and the wall. (I figured that if I opened the stairs in the starting room, the waves of zombies will be divided for every available window.)

Math alert! My reasoning was... let's say for example that 200 zombies in total come at the 20th wave. With just the first floor open, you have about 7 entrances. And if we assume that each entrance gets an even division of the total going into it, that would have about 28 zombies at each entrance. So the main room, having four entrances would receive 112 zombies. The Help room, having 3, would get about 84.

Now, taking the upper level into account , I estimate another 4 entrances. So there's a total of about 11 entrances. 200/11 is a lot more manageable. Making each entrance receive about 18 zombies each. So the Help room would only get around 54 zombies (30 less), and the rest would come in through the starting room. (That's why the two guys were very busy with the Ray Guns).

That was one of my last games of the night. I stopped playing a few hours ago.

This was a boring blog. Well, I should delete it... but I won't. I already put too much time into writing it. Goodnight everyone! This blog probably seems incomplete. It certainly feels like I've left out a lot of things... but it's 5:21, I'm sleepy and my morning rituals (take it however you want) is about commence. She'll be here any moment.


Moving the site forward...

Posted by sosbrigademgo on February 11, 2009 at 1:39 AM Comments comments (8)

I've been working on moving our website forward. My business laptop (one with Dreamweaver) went belly-up so I'm currently trying to find alternatives to DreamWeaver. In any case all that is pointless detail. My purpose for "moving the site forward" is to expand it from simply an MGO clan, to a PS3/Xbox clan. I know that a handful of our members also have XBox (the bloody bastards. Lawl.), but I don't want to alienate them.

The grand scheme is to have the SOS Brigade Gamer (working title) Clan. I will re-locate the all of the MGO stuff to its own dedicated set of pages, meanwhile change the main to be for an "all-encompassing" clan. I will change the appearance of the site so it'll be PS3- and Xbox-oriented. That way we'll have a single, unified website for future clans. (If the lot of you are in on it.) And we can also expand our userbase to other PS3 users that we have not yet met.

Once Home becomes popular enough (meaning when it becomes less boring and people actually start using it), it'll be our PS3 hang-out joint. The SOS Brigade club in Home is actually pretty well popular already. I still get plenty of requests for people to join. (My connection is currently too slow to re-download Home and accept them, however.) I get requests in German, and Spanish... so... something interesting's going on there.

Home is gaining some popularity, and more uses other than just using up space on your HDD. SFIV will be releasing Street Fighter costumes for Home, supposedly for free; according to Capcom, the costumes will be unlocked by accomplishing certain things in SFIV itself... kind of like unlocking trophies, but you Home Avatar can wear them. That's a neat idea. Also, PS3 users can use Home to boot up RE5 - word on the street is you can meet up with someone in Home and set up a Co-op game and launch straight into RE5.

On the XBL side, once we're ready, I will ask one those who has an Xbox and XBL account to be my Co-leader and will be responsible for the mediation of future events on that side. Using, of course, this website to be the main hub of communication for both groups.

As you can see, also, I've been working on expanding the purpose of this website. I've been uploading anime episodes (starting with Chobits) to give our users something to do while here. I'll be continuing that with episodes of other anime. I hope to further that by incorporating some flash games here. Something further for users to enjoy while they're here. I also have some ideas of things I want to start.

I recently fixed my video-capture devices, and I can start recording videos of PS3 games now. I want to start making promotion videos for our clan. And if anyone else has video-capture devices, as well, I'd appreciate if they can record some stuff also. For now, it'll be mainly MGO, LBP and SCIV, Resistance 2, COD... moving forward, we'll have Killzone 2, SFIV, RE5, and other online-enabled games.  Now, for some of these games, I'll need the help of other members who can offer the aide. I can't be present all the time, and I'm not going to have the means to record some of the games (especially any Xbox games) either because I don't have the game (in the case of COD and Resistance 2) or, in the case of Xbox games, I don't have a Xbox.

In addition to clan videos, I want more clan activities. Photoshoots, clan games, clan bullshitting, ya' know... or hell, even clan stories. I want to start something like mini-podcasts, too. Like maybe a weekly thing or a monthly thing where those of us with mics for our computers can just sit down and bullshit. Talk about funny things that went on in one of the clan games, for example. You know, stuff like that.

But anyway, before I can even commit to any of that stuff... I need to know if the rest of the clan is ready and willing to move forward along with me. It's probably going to be a slow process, but I'd like everyone to bear with it. Also, I'd like you all to spread the word. The task pane to the right (it's the bar that has like recent forum posts and videos) has a little button that says "Invite". If you can, send your friends some e-mails ask them to check us out. And maybe even ask them to join.

Remember, it may be called "SOS Brigade MGO" right now, but that doesn't mean our visitors have to be members of our MGO clan to join. So, I'd like for everyone to try to spread the word about the site.

Xephimost, over and out.


Posted by sosbrigademgo on June 26, 2008 at 12:45 PM Comments comments (0)
So I finally have a website running for the clan. Personally, my favorite section is the blogs. I typically love writing blogs (not that I do it very often). For now the website is quite barren, but hopefully it will become more active with the members posting their entries and anything else in the forums and what not. As a personal desire, I'd like everyone in the clan to become friends, that's my goal. For now a lot of them are strangers to each other, and to me, even. That's because I accept anyone who joins. That's why I have this site, and its forum. I'd like everyone to introduce themselves here and make themselves known. Share similarities and differences, and get along. As long as the SOS Brigade exists, I believe we'll have members come and go, that's just the reality of life: people you meet come and go. I hope that even when our members leave, for what ever reason (after all, they're all free to do so), they have made a friendly bond with the other members, and with the SOS Brigade as an entity, to keep coming back here and stay in touch.

It's a very romanticized view, and very highly optimistic, I'm sure. But I believe that the website may just help with communicating with each other. MGO has that annoying thing about not being able to add anyone to your friend list unless they're online, and their mail system is limited to how much you can type. So in lieu of that, I hope that the members start using this website as much they can.

To all the new members, I give my warmest welcome into the Clan. And a personal message: You may or may not eventually leave the clan, but I hope that while you are a member, you enjoy your time with us. And that the SOS Brigade (and its website) is always open to you.

That is all for today. Now I have to start getting ready for work.

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