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*Sigh* A rant that you guys don't have to read

Posted by MooMoo on October 21, 2009 at 8:52 PM

So my mom is always nagging at my boyfriend to apply to colleges now cause he lives with us. She always tells me to tell him to apply but then she does it when we get home, and she just has to tell me in the car! I'm getting stressed out enough with my colleges and school, I'm already scared enough of going... I don't want to be stressed out with making sure he applys to at least 3 schools. I know he's applying to 2. She thinks he's controlling, and he's not! I keep telling her that! It may seem like he is, but he really isn't at all. She says he's changed me, but I don't see how. I don't think I've changed. I'm just as quiet as I've always been, and I'm in the house as much as any other day. How the hell have I changed!? Yes he has a short temper, and he tries his best to control it. Yes I know he can be cocky, sometimes it's cute, sometimes it's annoyin. I can't control him, he can't control me! My mom must think I can read his mind cause she's asks me if he's thinking of applying to a college or how thinks of something. I tell her that I can't read his mind, cause I can't! We don't talk about colleges, why would we want to think about that? It's just kind of something that we think of on our own unless we really need to talk about it, cause we already know what we want. My mom has been telling me now that I have to break free of him. It just pisses me off so damn much, and it just makes me even more stressed and feeling down. Now I'm crying cause I just got back from the store where she was telling me this. What do you guys think? ._.


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