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Call of Duty: World at War

Posted by sosbrigademgo on March 30, 2009 at 1:00 AM

So how do I start a blog? Should I take an example from Jorge, and start as so:

Time: 4:24 A.M.
Location: At my desk, in my room.
Doing: Chatting with Jorge, smoking a cigarette

Or just get right to it?

Well, I'll get right down to it. As you can see from the title, this blog is about my night with CoD: [email protected] (because unlike most, I use "[email protected]" instead of "WAW"). So today was fun, yeah? Yeah, it was. First started at around 10 o'clock when I played with with my brother and Kasey. It was fun, but Kasey was so hostile toward me. Dx Every time I get within slashing rage, I get a knife either in my back or across my throat.

With just the three of us, we get to the 11th or 12th wave on average. I don't know if that's good or bad, it's fine; especially considering I mess around for the most part. After Kasey left at 11, I paused a while from the game. Don't read this part if you're only in this blog for the gaming parts. During my brief absence, I went out for a drive to Haruhi's house. I continued teaching her to play the guitar. It wasn't until close to 12:30 when I went home. (By the way, for those of you wondering, Haruhi's doing fine.)

I find my step-brother still online, so that was good. For the first time since I got the game, I played online with random people. (Two of which requested to be added to my friends list, more on that later.) Tonight I completely owned in the game - which is good, it left a good impression on my teammates.

I'm a head shot player, you know? So on average tonight, I killed at least 170 Zombies, and about 120 of those are head shots. It's a good ratio, I think. I do have a new favorite gun, though. The M1 Garand is pretty much useless in this mode, so unfortunately I couldn't favor that gun.

All people like the Ray Gun and for good reason: It has a good clip capacity; it kills zombies with one shot (no matter where you hit), and you get plenty of ammo with it. I like it, too, but it's not my favorite. So why did I even bring it up? o_O

Anyway, my favorite combination of weapons is the .357 Magnum (revolver) and the Trench Gun wha'ev (Shotgun). For any reasonable person, that combination would suck in a hectic mode like Nazi Zombies; you have six shots with the revolver, and eight with the shotty. And they have relatively slow reload times. They do have one redeeming factor: stopping power. The revolver can kill a zombie in a single shot on the head; and the shotty for head or body.

But I impressed my teammates tonight with that combination. It was the 16th wave of Zombies, and things were getting wild. None of us had the Ray Gun (we were just unlucky). So the four of us were huddled in the "Help" room. I told my teammates to watch both windows and the wall, while I stood at the door way like some Rambo-esque idiot.

Enter the rush of zombies. So I was looking into the main room, revolver in hand and aiming straight ahead. Zombies rush in toward me, and where logical players would back up, I stood in place. I realized there's about a .5 to 1.0 second delay before Zombies start to attack you when they're right up on you.  It was enough time for me to shoot each of them on the head with the Revolver.

Because they had to funnel into the doorway to get to me, they were pretty well-aligned. One shot of the pistol took out two or three zombies at a time. (Check my trophies: Look for the "Rough Economy" trophy I have, if you want some proof of that... if you really need it. :/) Anyway, so... I was killing zombies on my own, while my teammates prevented me from getting flanked. When I needed to reload the revolver, I switch to the shotgun and killed more.

When I killed the ones nearest to me, I threw all my grenades in front of me without cooking them. So the zombies get blown up as they rush at me. Some of them die, most of them just lose their legs. Now, right after I throw all my grenades, I immediately reload my shotty, and switch to the revolver and reload that too. This is the only time I would actually back away.

I repeat the earlier process until I run out of bullets again. Or at least I would have if I didn't die. Actually the damnest thing happened: I died.

I was slashing the ankle biters (the zombies crawling at you after having lost their legs because of the grenades). When suddenly I get an alert that one of my teammates had died. Before I knew it, another one died, and another. And then... voila! I was surrounded.

That was the most epic game I played so far. The game ended with around 200 kills for me, 160-something of those were head shots. And it greatly impressed the other players. One of them was level 56 and the other was 68. I out-performed them. I was impressed, too! :D

The rest of the night, amazingly enough, I continued to out-perform most of the other players (ranging from levels 30 to 68 - the one earlier). I'm level 5. :o Still, though, we're too unlucky with the Ray Guns. Though we did manage to get three players (I was one of them) with Ray Guns. And I experimented with something. I had two players watch the doorway of the "Help" room, looking into the starting room. They already did this on their own, actually. I ran out into the starting room and opened up the stairs to the upper level.

I ran back to the "Help" room, and the two took turns shooting the rushing zombies. Switching each time one reloaded. I was back-up, in case they needed it. (They rarely did). And I was running around the room as well with the fourth player taking out zombie that try to come in through the windows and the wall. (I figured that if I opened the stairs in the starting room, the waves of zombies will be divided for every available window.)

Math alert! My reasoning was... let's say for example that 200 zombies in total come at the 20th wave. With just the first floor open, you have about 7 entrances. And if we assume that each entrance gets an even division of the total going into it, that would have about 28 zombies at each entrance. So the main room, having four entrances would receive 112 zombies. The Help room, having 3, would get about 84.

Now, taking the upper level into account , I estimate another 4 entrances. So there's a total of about 11 entrances. 200/11 is a lot more manageable. Making each entrance receive about 18 zombies each. So the Help room would only get around 54 zombies (30 less), and the rest would come in through the starting room. (That's why the two guys were very busy with the Ray Guns).

That was one of my last games of the night. I stopped playing a few hours ago.

This was a boring blog. Well, I should delete it... but I won't. I already put too much time into writing it. Goodnight everyone! This blog probably seems incomplete. It certainly feels like I've left out a lot of things... but it's 5:21, I'm sleepy and my morning rituals (take it however you want) is about commence. She'll be here any moment.


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Reply Tsuruya San
9:03 AM on March 30, 2009 
CoD WaW is dope,played it on the 360 (when i owned one)
the only detestable element of the game is those fucking tanks,they weigh the game down,now they've confirmed vehicles for Modern Warfare 2 also -_-

how is that new map pack anyway?
Reply Kasey
8:24 PM on March 30, 2009 
"She'll be here any moment." :o He indirectly mentioned me in his blog!
Reply Monkeysamurai
6:23 AM on March 31, 2009 
Cod WaW is a descent game I like cod4 better, zombies is the only thing that really keeps me playing it. Plus im like a god in cod4 :D, im pretty ok in waw.

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