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Day 6 [Clan]

Posted by Advent Chaos on April 2, 2009 at 10:49 PM

Time: 12:09 A.M.
Location: My bed :3
Watching: The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya "Remote Island Syndrome Part 1"
Doing: Drawing and playing Pokemon Platinum

Yeah sorry I havent updated with no new Blog entries, I've been having a bit of sleeping disorder, only sleeping for 2-3 hours has been taking a serious toll on skool work and normal life, I keep passing out after I get home from skool, I water the plants, eat, watch some TV and when Im online I get super drowsy then can't remember anything until I wake up WAY later. I think Scott's slipping me some roofies :c

Last week was just...odd. Off putting. Same with this week. Add some Melancholy and Longing feelings and you got yourself a rather bad week.*cuts himself* IM SO EMO ~I TRIED SO HARD~!

hahaha XD Yeah I might be Melancholic and all those emo feelings, but Im still your loveable Advent Chaos c:

Last Saturday I went out with two friends of mine, Originally I was just gonna go take a stroll through the park, but when I told my friend, she said she wanted to come, and along came another friend of ours. We ended up going out to watch "Tha Haunting in Connecticut" It was pretty good c: I WANNA PUKE NUCLEAR ECTOPLASM TOO XD!

we ended up driving around all night, just hanging out, 2 girls and one guy ? A really nice saturday if you ask me.And no, nothing special happened. This one thing happened though, while I was driving I noticed that Kitty (her nickname) wasn't wearing a seatbelt, so what did I do? I went up to 75mph and made a sudden break, yeah I probably f*cked up the car but gawdamn her reaction was hilarious XD she was all like "MREEOOOWWWW! Why did you do that ;-;!?" ah good times, good times -w-.

I dropped both of them at their respective houses, somewhere around 2 AM
With a goodnight to kitty I left home with a smile. And an empty feeling.

Aaaaaaand I totally forgot what else I was going to talk about -_-; Hey Scott, come have fun with me at midnight :c you're never there anymore DX
I also wish The Haruhi was online more often...
hmmm...... oh yeah did I mention I had to reinstall all of the MGO updates? I kept getting error screens with corrupt data, so I got tired of that crap and deleted the system data, reinstalling MGS4 and dowloading MGO updates ALL OVER AGAIN. I feel to Emo to have some serious talks right now :3 Im off to read webcomics. Also, I'll upload more vids later, if you've got a request then drop a line in the comments, my profile, anywhere you can contact me. Drop a video request and I'll try to get it done ASAP. MooMoo I still owe you a challenge from the Milk one.

I told my Instructor [] if he'd like to have a small Clan Battle, y'know, between his Clan, "Thunder Unit", against us, the SOS Brigade. He hasn't responded but if he's up for it who'd like to join me c: ?come on guys it'll be fun!
It'll be mainly Team events, Team Death Match, Team Sneaking, Base, Capture, MAYBE some RESCUE, and to give a 'lil variety some SNEAKING too.Oh, BOMB too.

That's it for tonight, take care everyone!


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Reply AlphaHawk
12:55 PM on April 3, 2009 
"I also wish The Haruhi was online more often..."

I second this motion. Well written, as usual.
Reply Tsuruya San
1:27 PM on April 3, 2009 
Ha Ha


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