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Well.. just to have something new on here I guess... I will start this post off. I still don't have everyone on Facebook, so when you post here (hopefully your pic!), puh-lease leave a link to your Facebook (or add me and let me know who it is)! Here is mine: Ok so the link is being dumb and making faces in the middle of it instead of acting like a link (yes I tried editing and all that). So just look up Kara Luker. You should be able to find me.

Anyways, picture time! This is my favorite pic of me so far. Still working on the weight stuff. Kinda slacked off for a while and went back up. Going back down now! Goal is to be 150 by March so I can dress up for Megacon (I think it's Megacon). I want to most of all dress up as Naoto from Persona 4 (I got hair for it I think) and my husband would dress up as Kanji. If I had the boobs to do it I would dress up as Mitsuru from Persona 3.. because, well, she's my favorite...:P (and.. I sorta kinda have a massive crush on her and wish she was real xD *coughs*)

OH YEAH THAT'S RIGHT. I FORGOT TO TELL YOU GUYS THAT I F-ING GOT MARRIED! Yup! Got married on October 11th. Was the day of our 7th year anniversary. Small courthouse wedding with family and friends. The picture taking lasted longer than the wedding xD. 

Anyways.. for reals now. I, MooMoo, or Kara, whichever you would like to call me right now, give you... ME!

Like I said. This is my favorite pic of me. Why? Because it shows me when I was 18, where I was around 256 lbs, and me when I was 216 lbs. That's 40 lbs lost! I took the pic a few months ago. It was the most recent one that I actually like.

So who's next? Nagato? Monkey? Meph? WHO WILL IT BE (in like a bajillion months I'm sure because no one gets on here anymore...)!? DUN-DUUUN-DUUUUUUUUUUUN!


Pete the Llama says "Hi!"

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