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1. I am still out of a job. Ergo, I still cannot get internet. 2. Received some word from Haruhi, she says: "Hello to everyone. I'm sorry I couldn't say this in person but I've moved back to the Philippines. I miss you all so much! @lease keep in touch with me. My e-mail address is [email protected]" 3. Pretty soon my account's going to run dry. But until then, I'm going to continue paying for this site. !ut should you happen to visit and it no longer works: try it should take you here again. Hope everyone's well. Like Haruhi, I miss you all. Gotta' jet. Ciao!

I am lusting for more; should I settle for less? I ask you, what is a good thing for if not for taking it to excess!

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Advent Chaos
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I see, I'll wish upon the meteor shower tonight (morning) that you will find a good job and that your financial status will get better.I was starting to worry about how you would keep up the site actually, Im glad you dropped us a line. If you cant keep it running, Im sure we all understand c: So dont stress yourself over the site allright?

That said, Im sure I speak for eveyone when I say, we miss you guys, you were like our parents on this site. Of course Haruhi being our drunken dad who was always busy with work and you meph the loving mother who kept us in shape XD

Point being, we love you guys, and we will wish you nothing but the damn best. Take it easy, take care and enjoy life.

P.S.: Meph, about what you told me a long time ago, about the Time Limit you had. I hope you're fighting and not giving up so easily. Thanks again.


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Tsuruya San
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Meph,you ahve broekn my heart

come to new york,i will employ you to be my boyfriend. hows 10 dollars an hour sound?


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Hope things get better for you Meph! I miss both you guys! And so I won't forget (cause I most likey will...) I copy/pasted your post and sent it to myself in an email XD

To everyone else: Sorry I haven't been on much. People keep hogging the computer... And when I DO get on someone kicks me off like 5 minutes later -.- I'll be on more during school cause of "homework" :roll:


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